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Jeffrey M

Jazz, Hip Hop Dancer

Name Jeffrey
Height 178 cm
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Clothing size M
Shoe size 43,5
Dance style Jazz, Hip Hop, Streetdance
Dance experience
X-Factor; Yes We Can Dance (Germany); German Idols; Popstars (Holland); Top Of The Pops (Europe); TMF Awards; Ecko Awards (Germany); Alex Fm Actor (Holland); Op Zoek Naar Mary Poppins; F.A.B.E.S.; Adidas (Germany); Nike (Europe); O’Neil; Puma;
G-Star (Spain); Diesel (Belgium); Mariah Carey - Echo Awards (Germany); Donna Summers - Art On Ice (Switzerland); Leona Lewis – New Years Eve Show
2010 (Miami); Sugababes - Art On Ice (Switzerland); Sarah Connor - Sexy As Hell Tour - Choreographer (Europe)