Allround Dancer

Name Geraudy
Height 00 cm
Eye Color Bruin
Hair Color  
Clothing size M
Shoe size 46/47
Dance Styles Hip Hop, Jazz/funk, Modern, Dancehall, Afro dances, House dance, Voguing
Experience Commercial “One Plus”, Clip “Fils De Joie” From Stromae, Balmain Fashion Week, Clip De “Tshegue”, Lyna Lahbiri First Show For Tlc Show, Live Tv Show For Rtc With Tyana P, Show Off White, Fashion Week, Clip “Get Out My Face” From Yann Davis, Clip “Bad Gyal” Of Mona, ­Performance Solo For The Collection For “Lotus Noir”, Religion Kitendi, Clip “1000” From Joko, Marni Fashion Week, The Voice Belgique